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Founded by Liam Kavanagh and Rob Savill in early 2018, The Copper Room serves genuine craft beer, small batch spirits and wines, awesome coffee and nibbles. Our keg range is unique and changes fairly regularly. We've got plenty of bottled beers including a great selection of classic Belgium Trappist brews. Light bites and cheeseboards served throughout the day.


We LOVE dogs - bring them in anytime you like.

Accompanied children are welcome too. There's no strict house time for them to leave but we reckon 9pm would be the latest, usually earlier on a Friday and Saturday night unless it's really quiet. We'll let you know on the day, no worries. There's hardly any room for pushchairs as our bar is the size of a postage stamp, sorry. 

Vaping indoors is no skin off our nose, just be considerate of other guests.

We're probably the only retail establishment in Europe who actually takes American Express, so fill your boots with reward points here.

Ask us about private hire.

We're not a shop but we certainly offer 20% off all takeaway beer bottles and cans.

We've got board games and such - everyone likes the Jenga but we'd say Cards Against Humanity is the most popular. No-one plays Monopoly. It's pretty much mint-in-box. In hindsight we reckon it's because it's too much of a time investment with the added but mostly unwanted frisson of cheating and arguments.

Our intention was always to have a great selection of drinks across all ranges but with a focus on craft beer, as well as serving up tasty snacks. So we definitely started off as a craft beer bar and diner and we still are, but so many guests call us a gin bar nowadays that we're cool with whatever descriptor. We have a fantastic gin selection and we serve it so well that it's our own fault really. That guy who gave us a 3 star review on Trip Advisor because he doesn't like gin but still went to what he believed to be a gin bar, ignored all the beers and ordered a gin though? Not cool. 

We opened on 8th March 2018.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty: we're completely independent and we do what we like, beholden to no-one, not even investors (we don't have any investors, to be clear). Even places calling themselves freehouses have tied lines or whatnot. Our independence means we only end up with the highest quality products from passionate suppliers and producers and, often enough, stuff you'd be hard pushed to find elsewhere in town. We're working hard every day to make this unique little bar a really cozy, inviting place to enjoy great beers, wines, cocktails, gins, coffees, good food and all the rest.


Delivery times are:

Thurs 2.30-9pm

Fri 2.30-9pm

Sat 2.30-9pm

Sun 2.30-5pm


We would love to talk to you, Please just pop in, email us or phone us on the number below.

16 St Mary's Hill



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