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We also serve all types of coffee and tea, specialist vodka and rum and a small selection of whisky.


We have ten keg lines and two still ciders.

All our ciders are from Lilley's Cider in Somerset.

Breweries that feature regularly on our taps are Beavertown, Magic Rock, Thornbridge, Adnams, ABK, Meantime, Camden Town, Siren, Tiny Rebel, Fyne Ales, Salopian, Wild Beer Co, Baker's Dozen, and more besides. 


Every Thursday from 3pm till 11.30pm all our gins with Fever-Tree or 1783 tonics are £6 each for a single...

...or £9 for a double!

That's 30+ different gins to choose from and a whole range of tonics with which to pair them!


Two Chimps are based in Oakham and supply us with their ethically sourced, freshly roasted coffee.


Served through an espresso machine, you will find a smooth Honduran coffee with a subtle dark chocolate twist. With or without milk, this coffee is a winner. Their coffee beans are freshly roasted and delivered every week to ensure that the we at The Copper Room serve a really good coffee. In addition to this, we also offer a swiss water decaffeinated coffee. 

For something a little stronger, Two Chimps coffee goes great in our espresso martini!


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