Minimum order of £15 applies, delivery only within 5 miles of The Copper Room

Challenge your inner mixologist, or send as the perfect gift for a loved one who loves a good cocktail (or more).


Contains the following:

200ml Pornstar Martini

200ml Cosmopolitan

200ml Lemon Drop

200ml Wee Gin Jam

1oz Barrel Aged Manhattan 


We provide all the garnishes and ice (local deliveries only) for your cocktails. All you need to do is portion them out and give them a good shake. 


Instructions - 200ml cocktails
-Each 200ml bottle contains either 1 large portion or 2 smaller (tasting) portions. Just measure out either 1/2 the bottle or the whole bottle into a shaker (or anything that you can put a lid on, even a jam jar),

-Put a scoop of ice in and shake until its too cold to hold.

-Pour into a fancy glass and garnish with lime (Cosmo and Pornstar Martini) or Lemon (Wee Gin Jam and Lemon Drop). 


Instructions - 1oz Manhattan
-Fill a facy tumbler with ice
-Pour in the Barrel Aged Manhattan
-Stir for 30 seconds

-Garnish with an orange slice
-Drink :) 

Cocktail Tasting Set Original


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