Minimum order of £15 applies, delivery only within 5 miles of The Copper Room

This is the spirit, syrup and juice mix for Long Island Iced Tea - you'll need to add coke to finish. Comes in a 1 Pint carton. 5 servings.

*We supply ice and garnishes with your order*



White rum



Triple sec

Simple syrup

Fresh lemon juice



Add 100ml of mix to cocktail shaker

Add ice

Shake for 15-20 seconds

Pour into tall glass over fresh ice, taking care to keep back the used ice (put down the sink - it's done its job)

Top up with coke

Stir to combine and decorate with a slice of lemon


We have a limited supply of boston shakers available from this shop - shaking your cocktail gives you the perfect dilution and aeration. If you don't have a shaker you can improvise with a jam jar or similar. You can also simply stir with ice to get correct temperature.

Long Island Iced Tea Mix 1 Pint (add coke)


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