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This is the spirit and syrup mix for Rocky Road Martini. It comes in a 1 Pint carton that contains everything you need, you may like to add your own egg white, but isn't necessary. 5 servings.

*We supply ice and garnishes with your order*




Chocolate cream liqueur

Frangeligo (contains hazelnut)

Caramel marshmallow syrup



Add 100ml of mix to cocktail shaker

Add ice

Shake for 15-20 seconds

Pour into a chilled  cocktail glass, taking care to keep back the used ice (put down the sink - it's done its job)

Decorate with marshmallows and chocolate flake.


This is a small but rich drink. We would usually add 25ml pasteurised egg white to this cocktail at the bar but we'll leave it up to you. If you'd like to make this a longer drink just add milk or cream before you shake.


We have a limited supply of boston shakers available from this shop - shaking your cocktail gives you the perfect dilution and aeration. If you don't have a shaker you can improvise with a jam jar or similar. You can also simply stir with ice to get correct temperature.

Rocky Road Martini Mix 1 Pint


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