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Summary: “When there is a question of getting these kids off the streets, they should be in the least restrictive environment as possible,” said New York City Council Member Gale Brewer. That’s the goal for five children under 12 who each have more than 10 felony charges on their rap sheets. But for some, the streets are a family legacy. Stacey Henderson had a background check done on her son, to make sure he was making “the right choices,” she says. “I knew that he had a drug problem, and I knew that he was on the streets. I had a picture of him,” she says, pointing to a photo of a young Stacey standing with her son. “He started using at 17. He was just a normal kid until he started using,” she says. Now, a few years into their teen years, Stacey’s son is a young man with a criminal record and a juvenile history. When he turns 21, he will be tried as an adult for multiple charges. “He’s just a kid. I’m really upset that he’s getting to go to jail,” Stacey says. Her son, Stacey says, does not have a drug problem. She says his behavior is caused by a lot of peer pressure and feeling out of place at school. She says he’s doing much better. The kids behind bars do not have the same story. In jail, their families don’t have to see them arrested, or the nights spent in a holding cell. They don’t have to hear about the other kids who tried to kill them in the dorms, or who stabbed each other over a pair of sneakers. Life in jail means eating prison food, getting corrections for toilet privileges, waiting for bus and train schedules, and putting up with violence. Their families don’t have the same routine or benefit from those experiences, either. For some, parents and siblings can’t even visit. Only their immediate family members can visit them in jail, and many of them have to wait months before that happens. And in some cases, it is families that push




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Transmute 1.10 Serial Key Keygen Latest
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