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See below for details of some of the options that we could offer you. Our tastings and masterclasses are suitable for groups of 8-18. We offer a private room free of charge Tues, Wed, Thur & Sun. Friday and Saturday are rarely available but may be subject to a hire fee. There is no set timetable of tastings on offer, all tastings are booked privately once we have agreed an available date.

All prices are subject to change. If you would like to discuss further then feel free to email us on and ask for Rob.


With Gin being the biggest thing since sliced bread at the moment we would be silly not to offer an amazing experience with this one. To include: 

Tasting of three gins neat

Tasting of three gins paired with tonics , syrups and garnishes

Learn about all three gins - where they are produced, botanicals in them and recommended serve etc.


Who doesn't want to imagine that they're Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Everyone can pick up the shakers and produce their masterpieces (hopefully without spilling in the process). To include:

Learn three different cocktails which we will teach you and your party

Have the opportunity to stand in front of your audience and make the cocktails.


The Best of both worlds, why not have gin and cocktails? There's no better combination. Why not start off with a G&T, then progress into those really boozy masterpieces. To include:

A G&T from a selection of our gins, with a choice of all our tonics and garnishes

A shaken gin cocktail

Afterwards a built or stirred cocktail

Finally a blended cocktail, perhaps a strawberry Daiquiri.

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